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Best Backup Solutions for Business

There are a huge number and variety of files stored on your hard drive. Many businesses also have multiple computers, so this number can expand very rapidly. However, not all of these files are created equal. Files which you have created and work on regularly, such as word processing files and spreadsheets should be backed up every day. The best backup solution for business, should be able to recognize which files have changed since the last backup, along with being able to store several versions (so you can pick which one to restore or work with).

Medium and small businesses or organizations have different needs. Achieving their business goals and using their IT resources effectively and cost-effectively requires outside help from local companies such as It Support in Birmingham. By leveraging your IT resources, you can expect improvements in customer acquisition, inventory retention, and cost control. On the other hand, it is difficult for many companies to maximize today’s information technology because they lack the experience to develop strategic planning and governance that optimizes their organization’s resources.


New business executives know that scalability is important because a new business can neither afford nor survive the disruption or the negative impact of rebuilding its system while its business enters the market. Unfortunately, people with technical know-how and those who can offer a solution are not too many. In addition, their services can be considered expensive. How can an aspiring or young company solve this? The answer is to use the services of a virtual CTO.

It can be a difficult task to deal with technology audits and assessments. Economic analysis; Software development; Outsourcing orders; Compliance issues and business continuity planning. Here it is important to use the services of a virtual CTO. A virtual CTO can pave the way for companies to acquire the technology they need at an affordable price. With the right people, you benefit more from information technology without the headaches.

You may also want to consider creating a disaster recovery backup file. This is basically a way to continue operating if your system ever becomes unstable or crashes (without having to initially reinstall windows). This should be created and then updated several times per year. Another variation of this is partitioning your hard drive into a number of different sections, although this is more difficult than simply having a backup plan.

It also goes without saying that critical system files should not be touched. This includes registry entry and hidden files. Leave this to the experts, and only in the case of a true emergency.

CTO Services

Another possibility is using a CTO service. These can be the most convenient and hands-free, since once the service has been established, your files will be updated automatically, according to the schedule established. Most of your regular files can be included in daily backups. Best of all, these services are usually fairly cheap and you may continue to work while they operate.

When you are thinking about using a CTO service, there are a number of factors to consider. The first thing to ask is how much space will be needed. Be sure to take into consideration any additional computers that you wish to have backed up.

Also, consider how many users will need to have access to the backup plan which you choose. You may not want to have every single employee granted access; there will certainly be key people who need this in order to properly do their jobs. Consider exactly which key employees this will be before you begin looking at plans.

Consider your actual requirements. Initially, it is a great idea to have a full backup performed. After this, you may not need everything done on a daily basis. Maybe you decide that a weekly backup of all newly created, saved and changed documents and files are enough. There are certain plans which can accommodate this.

One of the biggest concerns about data backup is security. Find a system or plan which also stores your backed-up data off-site. This way if something ever happens to them, you will still be able to access your data. In other words, you want your backup company to have their own backup strategy. Using these strategies to secure your data with a great plan can help to ensure that your business will never be in a situation of having to start over or recreate a huge amount of missing (or lost) critical data.

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