Case Study 2

This project is an ongoing one and involves the support of an existing specialist security product employed in centralised alarm monitoring.

The client approached us with a dilemma; the only staff who new anything about the internal software of the unit had previously left the company, and they had contracted one of these to do the support work in his spare time.

Unfortunately, this was not working out and the client had several unresolved software issues that were causing problems in the field for their own customers, some being serious in nature.

We agreed to provide the support and over a two week period came up to speed with the product and its internal software. The more critical issues were tackled first and corrections made almost immediately. These were tested by the client and found to be a solution.

Over the last 3 years we have not only assisted in the correction of existing software bugs on the product, but have also provided some new features.

One thing we learnt on the project was how to successfully support a complex product using fax and email, due to the client being based on the east coast of the USA.

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