Design Verification


Working with medical and security products has provided us with a unique set of tools and skills for proving a design meets all the performance and safety requirements. These are applied routinely to every design with excellent results and we are able to undertake the verification of both our own and other third party designs.

Starting The Process
The verification process begins with the production of a test specification based on the latest performance specification and regulatory requirements. Test specifications are produced for each ‘level’ of a system, from the basic hardware, through the software drivers to the final applications software.

Design Review
It is important to state that a sound design is essential to ensure a system operates correctly. You cannot ‘test and verify’ performance into a basically flawed system. Because of the above, we would always perform a risk analysis and review of any design prior to verification.

Independent Design Audits
To run the audit process, personnel not employed in the original design process are used, either in-house or from external independent organisations. This ‘clean room’ approach produces the best possible audit results from both our own and our clients experience. It is also essential to meet many of the regulatory standards for medical and other safety critical devices.

Reports And Corrective Action
Once we have the test results for a system module, a review is performed and a report and action list produced. If at all possible, corrections are made on a quick turn round and the relevant tests run to establish the system is now compliant with the test specification. This fast turn round approach allows the best employment of resources.