IoT – Top 6 Threats and Countermeasures

Despite the immense merits that we really get out of the Internet of things, Far much concern has been raised towards its security. the vendors, the users and also the consumers are actually worried about the vulnerability of these IoT systems. The breaching is actually the worst scenario that threatens the relevance of the Internet of things!

Here, it’s important to understand the biggest vulnerabilities that need to be addressed! In any activity that pertains building, deploying and also managing the IOT systems, prioritize on the vulnerabilities! this calls upon the intervention of the open web application security projects(OWASP) such as the TNSC (The Network Support Company). It’s designed to help the manufacturers, the developers and also the consumers to have a real understanding of the of the Internet-related issues and they can actually have a better decision making in the issues of deploying and assessing the IoT technologies.

Among the leading vulnerabilities to avoid when building, deploying and also assessing the Internet of things are as follows;

1. Avoid weak passwords

Laziness can really be costly sometimes. It’s really unfortunate when you decide to use some guessable passwords that are just publicly available. Some may decide to use some unchangeable credentials that grant easily grant access to the hackers! It’s uncalled! design a pass-code that will be inaccessible under all means. cheap passwords are attributed to laziness!

2. Be careful with the insecure networks

Every user needs to be concerned with the networks that are running in its device. Some network services might really compromise the privacy and the authenticity of your information. don’t make it easy for the Internet hackers to have an easy time assessing your information.

3. Get a secure ecosystem interfaces

You need to have good encryption and filtering techniques in your device. an insecure web and other related components such as the cloud, backend API and also the mobile interfaces in the ecosystem may really be a door to compromise your devise security information! be sure to have the perfect encryption, authentication and also the filtering process. All this can be done by the TNSC.

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4. Insecure update mechanisms

When the IoT requests for the updates and your device fails to give you notifications concerning the security changes, you may suffer future issues. You need the best abilities to securely update your device such as the firmware validations, best roll-back mechanisms and also secure delivery. Don’t be among the many vendors and also the consumers who care less about the security implementations which at the end brings about inconveniences.

5. The use of outdated components

It’s true that the outdated components can cheaply be acquired. you should also remember that cheap will always come with its demerits! insecure software or rather a depreciated software that has insecure customization and also a compromised chain of supply can really bring about the worst of the IoT challenges. you need to be accurate and use the software from the trusted suppliers!

6. Sufficiency in confidentiality

Every entity should never be kept in an insecure place. Permission before access is always the key here. store every detail that pertains you securely. Personal information is actually not to be shared, that’s why you need to have proper security!

To conclude with, TNSC will really do everything to ensure that you have the best confidentiality and security of your details and will surely protect you against any IoT insecurities.

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