The Right Size Boiler

The question, of which boiler size is good for my house, is one that has been around for quite some time particularly more after the introduction of new technologically advanced systems. In the past, traditional boilers were simply designed to bring your heat temperature to around 21 degrees even when outside temperatures were as low as -1. Considering the coldest winters did not drop beyond 4 degrees, this capacity was pretty much sufficient.

The only downside of traditional systems was that temperatures could get higher during the summer and when this happens, the hot water back to the boiler initiates immediate shutdown. Cool down would eventually take place, but it would be a waste of the energy spent heating the water.

What makes the difference?

At Mulgas boiler service Surrey, we have noted there is a slim difference between traditional and modern systems especially with regards to how they work. It almost always boils down to their energy saving efficiency. Modern high efficiency boilers are designed to release the heat temperature required rather than just boiling up the water and waiting for return temperatures to determine when it is fit to turn off. This enables the water to cool down while returning to the tank so that the boiler is always in a condensing mode. Nevertheless, if the water returns to the boiler still hot, it will not be much different from the traditional models.

What your salesman will say

Salesmen today will try to sell you a bigger boiler recommending them as a replacement for your much smaller option. They will be quick to advice a replacement of your 18 kilowatt boiler with a larger 24 kilowatt newer model. In fact, the least they can recommend is to replace with the same capacity you currently have. Unfortunately, they often cannot back up such recommendations. It is simply driven by other motivations such as how much profits and commissions they earn by getting you to purchase a bigger size boiler. What’s more, a bigger one will mean no more calls about your hot not being hot enough. The truth is that your 18 kilowatt boiler is simply sufficient to warm your indoor temperatures in whatever season. All you need is some upgrades or a replacement with modern models that feature more energy efficiency and other conveniences. Do not be persuaded that a bigger boiler will be great if you one day decide to expand a house. That is comparable to buying an expensive sports car to take you to work if one day you wake up late.

So what is the ideal size?

From our experiences at Mulgas boiler service Surrey, the truth is your current boiler size is just fine. You do not need a bigger one unless of course you have expanded and there is a great variation in temperature. If this is not the case, all you need is a modern replacement of the same size, albeit with added features for energy efficiency. Condenser boilers are the most popular today and they will most likely meet your heating needs without being bigger. The right size is determined by your room size and average temperatures around the year. In most instances, your installed boiler will do just fine when upgraded to fit your energy-saving needs.

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