Electronic Design
We provide an in-depth electronic design service to schematic level for all types of electronic systems. Key
areas are embedded microprocessors (68HC05/08/11/12, PIC, AM186/386/486, AVR, 8051), ‘real world’
tolerant interfaces, analogue signal capture, closed loop control, control of low and high power devices.

Electronic Design Verification
Design bread-boarding is promoted as a way of providing a timely and inexpensive evaluation of a design before committing it to a PCB. This is our preferred method unless the project is very complex, and the cost of going straight to a PCB is therefore justified.

Regulatory Approvals
The company has designed systems to be compliant with many national standards, including Medical,
Radio, EMC & Telecoms and can advise on the most effective ways to go about this process.

Software Design
System software for embedded systems designs is a specialist area and requires a unique skill set to
complete a design to specification. We provide a complete software design and development service for
embedded systems.

Software can be provided in C, C++ or FORTH for high level and assembler for low level and we cover almost all processors. All designs include full source level documentation and development history.

Software design is usually performed in parallel with the system hardware, as in most systems the two are very dependant. Several classic design methodologies are employed, dependant on the type of system
being designed.