The data center industry

The data center industry currently remains fairly vibrant due to the fact that businesses are choosing to move their on-premises infrastructure to more reliable service providers. The reason for everyone moving is to ensure continuity, reduce operational expenses, and raise the logistical and physical security of various kinds of business enterprises.

However, even though things may appear well on the surface, a number of telecom operators are still facing problems related to competing with big data center services and other service cloud providers. As a result, providers who have included items related to infrastructure management via network monitoring, applications, servers, and security in their portfolio have seen more opportunities popping up. This is because they offer value-added services whilst minimizing the commoditization of various data center services.

With that said, the following are some of the highlights obtained from a study conducted on various data centers


This includes the rent charges for hosting a server. It encompasses data infrastructure, the physical framework of the data center, and space in the rack or cage.

Dedicated hosting

This refers to data solutions that include a server, which is typically situated at a dedicated facility that has resources such as a secured cabinet or cage, well-regulated power, optimum security, support features, and a dedicated internet access.

Dedicated hosting is designed to provide clients with a secure spot where they can physically host there corporate processes and applications, free from risks such as vandalism, fire, or theft.

Disaster recovery

This includes a variety of expenditures that are typically specific to business longevity as well as other recovery features in the data center.


These are computing devices that have the capability to store huge amounts of digital informational on permanently accessible hard drives. They may include add-on-disks, servers, and SAN (storage area network) equipment.

The research project covered purely third party data centers that offered infrastructure services to clients. Captive data centers in companies designed for exclusively internal use were not considered.

Together with annual reports and in-house databases evaluations, Frost & Sullivan were able to conduct comprehensive interviews with some of the top technology service providers working in the data center market.

The following were some of the main issues addressed:

  • The primary driving forces and drawbacks affecting the expansion of the Latin American data center services industry
  • Possibility of the market continuing to grow, and if so, at what rate
  • Vertical markets that had the greatest potential of delivering the best opportunities
  • Types of data center centers services that displayed the strongest demand and some of the expected changes
  • Current market concentration and if it could change by years’ end
  • Future developments

Server Relocation Services

There is no doubting that moving expensive and sensitive technological material is a complex matter. This is why you will need a team of professionals to do the job. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • Moving server systems involves a whole lot more than simply packing up boxes here and there and giving cords labels
  • It requires professional loading and unloading services with no intermediaries if you wish to minimize expenses and liability
  • It involves customized on-site crafting and packing services
  • Requires state-of-the-art moving vans
  • Certified server rack movers

Technology movers also provide clients with a personal-moving coordinator whose job is to ensure that the bar code tags of servers, re-plans, and labels are all in order. This is highly important because servers are the primary tools used to make your business run properly.

Moving servers also means that your sales CRM, accounting functions, PM programs, and so many other business processes will have to depend on the backup system that is unsecured and in certain extreme cases; you will have to do without one at all. As a result, the more time your move takes, the more your company will be at risk. Therefore, you and your moving coordinator should come up with a timely and workable schedule that will help reduce downtime, and in turn, provide you with peace of mind.

Data Center Movers

Data center movers have the necessary skills and experience to secure and protect your valuable assets during the moving process. You will also get a number of benefits and amenities by using professionals in your moving package such as:

  • Customized storage solutions
  • Personalized moving coordination services to ensure the entire process goes smoothly
  • Advanced moving vans together with certified server rack movers
  • Cost and liability reduction because of professional loading services
  • Free on-site consultation services accompanied with written statements
  • Tailored packing and crafting services

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