Web-based LIMS Software and the ability to network.

Web-Based LIMS Software

A web-based LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) is your aid to accomplish and observe the experiments in the lab just by navigating the designated URL on the web and signing-in. 

Are you tired of wandering around spreadsheets and waiting for various applications to load while working with different samples in the lab?

Web-based LIMS comes with the facility to handle and monitor the workflow seamlessly, as instead of getting installed in individual computers, it is installed on the central servers. 

You will find tons of these services out there, costing you a handsome amount, but only the best web-based LIMS software can help you stand out among the pack. To assist you in understanding this software and find the best one, I have come up with everything essential.  

Laboratory Information Management Software- LIMS

Let’s get insight into the precise overview of LIMS.

What is LIMS software?

LIMS is a software that keeps records of the information and handles them to boost the productivity and efficacy of your lab tasks. It helps control the related procedures of the lab works by normalising the experiments, workflows, and the steps incorporated.

Some may integrate required instruments to automate data acquisition, calibrate them, and incorporate the skilled staff only to deliver accurate, dependable, and faster results.

Where is LIMS Used?

All lab experiments and staff from all disciplines can get the advantages of this tool. It is an indispensable part of:

  • Clinical diagnostics
  •  Food and beverage test labs
  • Biobanks and biorepositories
  • Agricultural experimentation labs
  • Process development and manufacturing laboratories
  • Quality assurance labs
  • Environment monitoring laboratories, etc.

How Does LIMS Work in a Lab?

Professionals can get comprehensive data about the specimens of the tests by using LIMS. The complete data saved in the software include:

  • Inventory number
  • Batch material
  • Date and time
  • Additional info

Let me now explain precisely how it works in labs. 

  • When the technician inputs the sample info initially, LIMS generates a barcode for each.
  • To ensure the experiment is following the accurate track and see if the data is updated, each member can scan the dedicated barcode. 
  • Besides safeguarding the sample information, the software monitors the experiments, lists updates, and transfers the outcomes to another system following the chain. 
  • By making the data acquisition process automatic and centrally, LIMS excludes the necessity of a manual data collection process and increases accuracy. 

What are the Advantages of Using LIMS?

The surpassing benefit of a web-based LIMS is you can access it and accomplish your tasks from anywhere anytime! The enormous advantages it offers in lab-works involve:

  • Paperless Lab Management: LIMS offers a paperless approach to all lab operations by providing an automated platform for data storage and management. From sample information input to generating reports, everything has become paperless now with cloud-based LIMS!
  • Error-free Operations: Using LIMS makes the laboratory operations automated, reducing human involvement. Thus the lab works are free of human-made errors.
  • Well-maintained Inventory: The most prominent advantage that comes with LIMS is it offers a hassle-free approach to manage the inventory: stock, track, or monitoring the expiratory dates to facilitate the tests. 
  • Effective Sample Management: Providing a barcode for all samples has made the identification and extraction process easy for interfaced machines to convey outputs to the identical reports automatically. 
  • Better Analysis: It has made the report generating and analysis easy facilitating the revenue leakage tracing process. 
  • Notifies Users Automatically: Modern LIMS notifies the users of the test status by mail or SMS.
  • Digital Delivery: One of the surpassing advantages of LIMS is it enhances customer satisfaction and business collaboration by delivering test reports digitally. 
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LIMS Software Companies

With the market buzzing with so many LIMS software, selecting the best one is a bit tricky. To assist you, I have summarised here some of the quality software out there:

Exemplar LIMS – Sapio Sciences

Exemplar LIMS is a web-based online lab management, and electronic notebook (ELN) scientific data management tool by the renowned company Sapio Sciences that specialises in:

  • Bioanalytics
  • Research
  • Dx
  • NGS
  • Research
  • Histology

This software offers you premium configurations and workflow templates to complete your lab-tasks effectively without breaking your bank!

The features of this super-effective online tool involve:

  • Automates the lab works employing robot interfaces
  • Monitors and manages the records effectively
  • Investigates specimen formation, expiration, and execution processes and monitor the workflows in detail
  • Incorporates fully configurable workflows 
  • Reviews KPI data 
  • ‘Clinical Lab Ready’ of the Exemplar is compatible with the MDx lab conditions
  • Offers pre-built workflows like NGS (Next Gens Sequencing) workflows and real-time collaboration
  • Exemplar gathers quality assurance information and combines them with QC genomic devices
  • Its graphically represented dashboard boost the visualisation and performance

Exemplar LIMS is a fully-equipped milestone in data visualisation and analysis being compatible with smartphones, tablets, or PCs via web-search. It is affordable, only a click away, fully configurable, and undoubtedly a great addition to the laboratories for improving productivity and efficacy!

StarLIMS – ABBOTT Informatics

StarLIMS, a SaaS-based lab information management software by ABBOTT Informatics can bring revolutionary changes in:

  • Biotech
  • Agri-food
  • Chemistry

With this web-based full package, you can:

  • get an instant response by analysing results based on specifications in real-time
  • use lot genealogy and other built-in features to track inventory and lots
  • track electronic documents that are auditable
  • manage and trace product development information
  • process the control chart, generate own protocols and execute trend analysis
  • Configure StartLIMS for managing different workflows without coding

StartLIMS is an affordable software that revolutionises your lab-works and ensures faster results.  

LabWare LIMS – LabWare

Designed by LabWare, LabWare LIMS is a Cloud-based and SaaS software that comes in a single license and is an excellent addition to a lab of up to 100 users. 

The features include:

  • Facility to connect instruments straight to the software
  • Offers two sets of LIMS to choose from
  • Setting alerts for calibration, shortage, or monitoring
  • Effective tracking of inventory management
  • Facility to edit and trace the basic invoice.

Open-Source LIMS Software

Don’t misunderstand open-source LIMS as a free service always! It is a term referring to the license- alteration and redistribution of the software. 


One of the renowned open-source LIMS software is Open-LIMS. Hundreds of users rely on it and download weekly, though it has not met updates since 2016

It is an organism independent software specially designed for managing samples, experiments, and associated information in biological labs.

The features incorporate:

  • Workflow incorporates pre-experimental and experimental procedures.
  • Visualisation of the present status of the experiment
  • facility to add data analysis by extensions

Web-Based LIMS and Cloud-based LIMS 

Don’t misinterpret all cloud-based, SaaS, or open-source LIMS as thin-client or web-based. They indicate how the service is licensed, deployed, and delivered!

Cloud-based or hosted LIMS

For a cloud-based LIMS, you don’t have to install it; rather, you can use the entire infrastructure via the internet. The advantages of cloud-based LIMS include:

  • Minimises IT overhead
  • No obligation to purchase or manage costly machines and servers
  • You have to pay for the services you use only 

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Saas is an element of cloud computing and a delivery process that indicates you can use the service via the web.

The applications include:

  • SaaS LIMS is a service by the retailer incorporating essential services like auto-updates, backups, etc.
  • Features subscription facility
  • The cost-effective and mostly used approach

Software Price

The price of the software varies with its type and services incorporated.

  • SAAS LIMS: A SaaS LIMS may cost you around $100-$1500 in a year. It comes with the facility to alter the license you need monthly or yearly.
  • Web-based LIMS: Web-based LIMS license will cost you around $200-$15000 and comes with the facility to actually ‘owning’ the licenses. 


A quality web-based LIMS is an indispensable part of modern labs that ensures quick and accurate results, enhancing productivity. Thus choosing the best one that meets your lab requirements coming within the budget is imperative. The precise overview of the recommended best web based LIMS I have offered will help fulfill your needs and boost the lab performance.